Exercising within a 2km distance from home. A poem by Anet Moore

A mother and her children are playing hide and seek in the field beside me.
Another woman walking her dog comments ‘I love this road now’
As we pass on opposite sides mindful of each others fear

A gentle shift of ownership is happening
No-one announced it
It unfolds as a primrose with its palest of yellow petals
Delicate and resilient.

We know this way of being
It lives in our DNA
We know how to climb the wall and wander
How to lay down on a grassy patch
close our eyes to the bright spring sunshine
and let the soft earth hold us

A car passes, slowly
Mindful of its new status
People have claimed the road as theirs
for they are the rightful owners
alongside the fox and the badger

The hedgerow, home for Blackbird and Robin holds new life in its branches
and the wind sighs…and we wait

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  1. Lovely poem by Anet, I love how the woman takes ownership of her street with the feeling of a community togetherness unfolding as a primrose with its palest of yellow petals.

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