Event horizon. A poem by Neil O’Sullivan

The moon is still cursing midday
The ground unexpectedly
Disobeys gravity
I am at home
Hiding in the pantry

Taps now pour clay into bathtubs
We’ve all taken to licking
Dishwasher tablets
I wouldn’t know fresh air
If I fell off a cliff

We’ve taken to conversing in Latin
Why do we understand
Dead languages now?
I do jumping jacks on video meetings
Wearing only business socks

I’ve been desperately trying to ignore myself
Everywhere I go
I’m still not there yammering
We gum boiled pizza
Imagining we are too old to use teeth

Time has been rapidly splintering
Every hour tumbles backwards
Into the second before
Why am I tongueing
The Wi-Fi router?

The family takes aggressive jogs
Around the bathroom rug
To get the damp air out of our lungs
I’ve been cutting my nails
With a carving knife

Soon we will be outside again
Enjoying the natural
Flat of the earth
We’ll revel in the gravel under our toes
And the metallic taste of the breeze.

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