Even the Rainbows. A poem by Julie mcNeill

Even the rainbows
are getting ragged
round the edges now,faded in the gleaming
windows. Suspended above
perfectly manicured lawns

and well-trimmed hedges.
The unseasonal sunlight
peaks through to mock us

in our lockdown. The freshly
baked banana bread, once
such a pleasant novelty

already seems kind of old.
Holding home school logins
in heads full of buzzing guilt.

Some numbers keep on growing,
the scales swinging in all
the wrong directions. Others

seem to flatline with no sign
of revival. Our pain is not
personal anymore, no room for

this is the time for ‘we’.

Julie is a mother, writer and (at present) home school educator from Glasgow, Scotland. She is a member of a fantastic writers’ group ‘Strathkelvin Writers’ in Bishopbriggs and has recently completed a Masters in Creative Writing through the Open University. Follow JUlie on twitter @JulieMcNeill1 to read more of her work

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