Eternity (An Acrostic Poem for Katrina) by Seamus Mac an Fhirleighinn


I was truly flattered

When you said
I do. And my
Life is extra special, cause I’m so in
Love with you. I

Adore the sky above your head, beneath your feet, the ground. My
Life would be so empty, if you were not around.
When you hold my hand, I walk on air
And when you smile I’m dancing;
Your love means all the world to me,
So sweet, so deeply life enhancing.

Let us always be together as we journey
On our way, and may you know, I
Value you, more and more
Each day.

You’ll be forever in my heart and always
On my mind, today, tomorrow, evermore
Until the end of time.


Thank you Pendemic for creating the opportunity to write. There’s a book inside me just bursting to get out. If only I could find the words.

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