Doors. A poem by Siobhan Twomey

So I have the chance to try
out the grey hair. I’m fine with it
at home. I pull out my discarded knickers
nice ones but not pull in, comfy too.
Wonder if the grey head will go with
the dark grey Jaspar Conran negligee.
I’ve grown thumb nails. (Bit again during
PHANTOM OF THE OPERA.) Ditched the sourdough
failed the float test. Dusted behind radiators
and washed behind shutters. Have taken up the paint brush
satin coating each door twice, holding doors open and shut.
Reminded of the hinge and swing of double doors to ICUs


Siobhan Twomey is an acupuncturist and reflexologist from Lismore in Co Waterford. She has been published in Poetry Bus magazine.

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