Diary Entry. A poem by Clíona McOscar

London town, 19th March 2020.
Early evening, streets abnormally empty.
Emanating lockdown vibes
voluntary or ‘strongly advised’.
Self-isolation and
social distancing
the “in” thing
Justified anger at anything else.

Office bits stuffed hastily
in black plastic bags and the taxi home.
A timely turn of the head
Gets me a glimpse a woman –
Yellowing unkempt hair
borders a beleaguered face.
Her body a full-length shroud of
Charcoal-grey overcoat, buttoned to burst.

Deportment dog-tired but determined,
She stands on Burleigh Street.
Breaks chunks off a crusty loaf
of yesterday’s bread, dropping them
very deliberately,
into puddles.
In these panic-buying endemic days
She feeds the pigeons.

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  1. Wow! Very visual.

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