Deep Freezer. A poem by Maeve McKenna

Lambs leg, twelve burger buns. A cool-pop.
Four vegetarian sausages in cling film. Bag
of ice, eight chicken breasts in a freezer bag,
one pouch of mixed berries. One portion of
turkey from Christmas, 2019, with a dusting
of stuffing. A box of waffles. Sixteen omega-
rich fish fingers, one pork loin. Two packs of
baguettes, half-baked, frozen. One cool-pad
for a sore neck. Six beef curries for one, with
basmati rice, boxed in foil containers, covered
with white lids. Four loaves of sliced, brown
bread. One plastic tray with the remnants of
christening finger-food. One thin and crispy
pepperoni pizza with halloumi. At the very bottom,
the top tier of a wedding cake in a Tupperware container.
At the very top, a wreath.


Maeve McKenna lives in Sligo, Ireland. Her poetry was shortlisted, highly commended and longlisted in 2018/19 in several international poetry competitions. She has been published in The Cormorant, The Galway Review, Boyne Berries and Sonder Magazine and widely online. Maeve is working towards her first collection of poetry.

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