Dear Jenni. A letter by Catherine Lennon

Dear Jenni,

It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, way too long … 12 years, 12 long years today. You’ve no idea how much I miss you, what I’d not do to put my arms round you and give you a huge hug. But of course that’s not possible these days, is it? Hugging someone today is akin to premeditated attempted murder! Madness!
You’d be proud of me though in my isolation … I’ve been writing (not as eloquently as you) and painting (not as beautifully as you … but hope that some of your creativity is flowing through your paint and brushes which I’ve claimed as my own) … but don’t worry I haven’t attempted anything musical … the ears of Brussels will be saved from such a cacophony.

12 years. And the world has known so much change in this time … America’s first black president has come and gone and been followed by a buffoon whose appearance suits his personality perfectly! The UK (well England and Wales) have decided to leave the EU and are pulling the Celts in Northern Ireland and Scotland kicking and screaming behind them. They had the worst prime minister ever (second female) until the next one came along (who looks and acts remarkably like his US counterpart)! Refugees fleeing war-torn Syria, many never making it to safety; drowning in un-seaworthy boats, crammed dangerously full. Climate change and a teenager advising global leaders! And now the coronavirus, which is knocking down people like flies, has locked down the entire world. You haven’t missed much these past 12 years. But I have missed a lot.

I have missed you, we all have, your family, your friends, your colleagues, and we still do. We miss your love, your warmth, your kindness, your creativity, your soul, your passion. We miss you. If only you were a Zoom call away ….


Catherine Lennon is a Northern Irish communications professional who has been living and working in Brussels for almost 30 years. Having sold her soul to the devil to write for several businesses and organisations, in lockdown she has found the time, energy and motivation, to pick up her pen again (or rather keyboard) and write for pleasure! She is extremely grateful to for providing the stimulus to unleash her inner voice! Catherine lives with some of the stars of her corona stories; her two cats, Storm and Nutmeg (one short of being a crazy cat lady), and her current tenant and in-house-chef.

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