Dear __________. A poem by Claire Blennerhassett

Dear ________,

I hope you and yours are keeping well in these strange times.
In these strange times, I hope you and yours are keeping well.

I hope you are,

Keeping strange,
Keeping time.
Strange times.
Well, well, well.

And yours
Are yours

And yours are these

Dear time
Strange hope,
Hope and time.
Keeping in you.

Dear ________,
I hope you are
In keeping hope.

I, I, I…

©Claire Blennerhassett 2020.

Claire Blennerhassett is an actor and multi-disciplinary artist from Kildare. She has previously self published the short collection of poems Fottrinn av Hjertet/Footprints of the Heart featuring original work in English and Norwegian, and has given poetry readings both at home and abroad.

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