Day 28. 1 Kilometre from home. France 2020. A poem by Deborah Edwards

I went to Corbeaulieu
to see Four happy horses
Passing great tracts of
freshly turned fields douched
in pesticides
When there on the horizon
I saw a women running
naked towards the sky

So I fastened my eyes
to the shape of a cloud
the horn of Africa
Then shutting one eye
I reached out
with my stuck on arm
and tried to take her
wanting to put her safely
into my breast pocket
warm from the heat
of a pumping heart

But I  missed her
In the opening of that eye
amidst the lighted turf
of a sullen brown
where field met sky
and against the blazing blue
rotten uselessness of life
I thought I saw
a great black creature
could have been a crow
But it might have been a raven
lift her off
the broken land
and carry her up
into the bewildering dome
where clouds part like curtains
and the moon appears
as her very own head dress


Fine Artist. Teaches art and English in prison and the UTC in France. Check out her website.

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  1. Beautiful Debbie, love it

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