Cry Of Voices In Desolation (C.O.V.I.D.) by Stephen Brady

A visitor has come to stay
You’ll wish that he had stayed away
For this is a gent who doesn’t play
If you meet him you can only pray.

Invisible he stalks the land
He knows his time is now at hand
And nothing now will go as planned
He’s shown the world is built on sand.

I picture him as gaunt and old
His face is long and eyes are cold
He can’t be bought and can’t be sold
And nothing can escape his hold.

He is sly and swift of feet
And he is silent: quite discreet
He’s the one you dread to meet
On the otherwise-deserted street.

And now he’s here: this is his day
And nothing can his plans allay
For nothing will escape his sway

But we hope

To see a brighter day.

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