Crack Open. A poem by Eileen Acheson

Crack open the window
to crisp April air.
Look at soft pink
of apple blossoms,
at yellow of dying daffodils.

See river Cherry trees
float white towards blue sky.
Watch weeping willows
touch old grey Ash.

Adler bough weighted
now by death stories birds
bring on feathered wing.

Bow down to raindrops
heavy with loss of funeral rites
Flounder about for
a new paradigm
to fit our times.

Crack open the window
of your mind.
Find new ways
to say goodbye,
to shake an inner hand,
to hug in a safe way .

Watch nature blow
seeds of suggestion
on the cool wind.
It offers you brown soil
to root down into.
It blesses this day-this now
with green shoots.

Bow your head,
weep with Willow.
Salute the dying daffodils.
Watch the apple trees grow
Be refreshed by crisp April air.


Eileen lives beside a river in the valley of Slievenamon.

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