Covid Dancing. Some prose by Mary Margaret

Our eyes guide us as we dance through these days of Covid masks and the six
foot circle. Sharing our unspoken words as we dance a dance with no instructions.
Like children playing dodge ball the distance dance tempo is fast. Dodge the virus;
Dance away, dance away, dance far away.
Eyebrows raise quickly in surprise and eyes grow round if another dances too close.
The glare is delivered sharply as our Eyes point out their clumsy steps
and shame their lack of practice. No ribbon for those with two left feet.
Eyes smile at those who have learned the dance of distance. We nod as we
dance past them. Eyes narrow as we hold our breathe and turn our head away from
the unmasked face. Clearly, they never signed up for the lesson.
Their eyes are closed. Our feet dance faster.
Eyes dart left to right then forward again keeping our place in the dance. I am so very tired
of this dance. Front, right, left…..forward, back, spin….oh how I wish I had eyes in the back of my head
as my mother did. I regret the cracks I stepped on in my carefree childhood days.
Eyes now tear filled as I remember my mother’s courage and how she loved to dance.
I can hear her whispering …..keep dancing, stay safe, keep dancing, stay safe…..
And so I will……until the dancing stops.


Woman, daughter, wife, mother, grandmother. Optimist.

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