Covid 19 Lockdown A Moment in History. Peoples’ thoughts by David O Sullivan


What I am doing here is making a textual record of people’s thoughts on the Covid virus, the situation we are all in, the uncertainty for all, how we are coping and how we’re helping one another. I think this ‘poem’ of peoples thoughts would be a nice little snapshot of our present society and how we are coping with this major issue and from a folklore point of view record it for posterity.
I have written peoples comments as and when they came in and did not do any editing or changing of anything…your thoughts are your thoughts alone and deserve to be remembered that way.
This will be a ‘poem’ that won’t rhyme or reason, no need.
All contributors will be acknowledged at the end in the order I received their thoughts.
Thank you one and all for helping to document this little bit of living history.


Some change in our times
Yet kindness lives through it all
Hope we will be better people when all of this is over
Lock down, chin up, it’s for the common good
A lovely day to sit in the garden
Reading books galore and baking bread to keep the family fed
Working patterns all over the place, to keep the office safe
walking two metres apart, can’t hear what’s being said
My little car is crying out there and missing our little escapes, life in lockdown
I am baking plenty apple tarts myself and bought the Irelands Own
Eating Apple tarts and plenty walking
No sound of children from our schools
if only everyone obeyed the rules
Living in a virtual bubble just trying to stay out of trouble
All doing our best, to give Mother Nature a rest
So sad to see grannies and granddads cocooning
but yet it’s nice to see them learning new technology by facetiming
Such a combination of fear and love
Fear of becoming ill and being separated from my family and love of this precious time when we learn to appreciate our time with our families
How simple living is so grounding
I miss my friends the most
I miss my teacher
I go shopping for peace and quiet
Same as before but working five days instead of three
but smiling just the same
From the birds in the trees to the busy little bees, little sounds like these
could now open our eyes to how
precious kind mother earth can survive
Boredom, isolation, lockdown,
quarantine, do not fear
It’s for the greater good
Staying home is staying safe
Fear leaving the house and the daily broadcasts
But loving being at home
Yoga, gardening, cooking
but missing loved ones
crying at anything nice
Maybe this will make us stop and be happy for a while, slow down, appreciate, pause, stop and smile
I miss hugging my children and my grandchildren
The road here is so quiet, no cars or people passing, we’ll all be safe with the help of God’s blessing
I’m trying to see my home as a refuge, not as a prison, it’s amazing how helpful this small change in perspective can be.
Redemption for historic wrongdoings maybe.
Looking out from my window
the world seems to have gone asleep
but the cows in the field are happy to eat
the birds in the sky are flying by
not a care in the world…not like I
I spent all day in the garden with beads bought in a charity auction, separating them with a magnet from the metal clasps, the sun shone on them and I was enchanted.
I go to work because I help the vulnerable, but once I’m home in Old Parish I have safe, secure feelings as I did at home as a child with my parents in Ballingown.
Protecting society and individuals by staying home alone, in the quietness of the peaceful surroundings, perfect to enjoy time and experience the growth of spring.
For those of us lucky to be at home, it’s as if the world pressed ‘pause’. The senses are heightened, bird song is dominant and peace reigns in the midst of a war.
What have we learned from this? Are we better educated, better at our hobbies, better friends, people, family, lovers
are we better for having lived?
I’m a keyworker but now on vacation and am caught at home, the island where I live. I’m very sad because I cannot be where I want to be now. We must all make sacrifices for this nightmare to end. I take refuge in my music, it gives me courage and strength to stay and wait for better times
The meaning of family, stressful worrying, yet bringing us closer together, work around the house that would never have been done, community and community spirit, appreciation of essential services and respecting the plight of the elderly and vulnerable.
When this is over let’s continue to care and show our humanity is still there.
More structure to my day becoming less materialistic, peacefully tranquil, slightly scared when I listen to the news, huge gratitude to the front line workers but overall, think only good can come from this.
I’m confined at home, but I’m not alone,
I’m here with my wife getting on with my life, I’ve set a few spuds, I said I would set ’em and if I can’t dig ’em, I say well then feck ’em.
I am painting a night scape with Fox in shades of blue. It has taken me the whole confinement. Meanwhile himself made millions of reeds out of seasoned elder.
Stay strong and together we’ll beat this, we’re all doing so good, keep it going.
What day is this I ask every morning
Is the sun shining or is it pouring
What job is there that can be done today
To keep this anxiety well, well away
Corona, corona you’re causing some strife
Will we ever get back to a normal life?
We definitely won’t take anything for granted,
We will have what we have and not what we wanted.
Sleepless sweaty lonely nights, fear ridden anxious hours thrashing around the peace less bed. Morning comes ‘get up, get out, get dressed’, hollars in my head. Drawn to the early hours of the solitude and rhythmic pulse of the ocean, my mind calms, fear and anxiety ebbs away, reason sets in, Mother Nature has spoken, control is back, ’til bedtime again.
Love the river walks ourselves with Paige’s dog.
Sorrow for lost lives and suffering, sorrow for those who are having to put their lives at risk for others. Appreciation for opportunities to connect with loved ones nature and creativity and appreciating those who are putting their lives at risk for others.
The birds are my companions as I tackle my meadow of briars continually harmonising from their canopies
Give your head a wobble or you’ll end up in hospital.
Candles on window sills, shining lights up to the sky, at our gates clapping for our frontline heroes who we really appreciate.
So sad to see parents looking out windows and doors to wave at kids and grandkids and not to be able to hug and kiss them and it breaks my heart, but we will get through this with the help of God.
Busy working extra days, scary times but all will be well, miss family, long chats over lovely dinners.
Time is a gift taken for granted, now it is our time to be all what we wanted.
Well yes it was an Easter like I have never known and my seventieth birthday as well. I have been cocooning for the past four weeks, it’s hard, miss the grandchildren and family.
My daughter in law does the shopping and I am keeping busy, gardening, art work, cleaning and going back on old photos.
Humbled by what people are doing for one another, sad for those who have buried loved ones who would have been here only for the virus.
I will never take anything for granted again, just like opening your front door or coming and going as you want.
I was outside yesterday building a stone wall and I stopped, ‘why’? I heard the sound of jet engines for the first time in a week.
Went for a walk Sunday morning down to Lismore Bridge and along the Cappoquin road. The only thing I encountered was the Covid checkpoint and three grey Geese in the canal. So strange feeling so alone and yet so quiet and peaceful as the raindrops trickled down through the trees.
I’m generally first to wake, first stir from seven thirty, which is a change as when it was school runs my kids were the adult repeating my name, ’til my first eye opened, then run for the school bus, lunches, dinner, back to work and repeat.
I’m rested for the first time in twenty years, light sleeps, awakening to sunlight, fresh breakfast, stroll to the local shop, hellos to the neighbours, two or three plans to fill the day
My three kids snuggle under their duvets, wrapped in a light cosy sweat of absolute safety.
Video games, video calls, dinners, clean ups, walks and flowers along the way. We walk single file to the rules.
We love with our entire hearts at a distance and weep when we cannot touch, but understand how to live in time rather than just pass it.
Just doing a bit of art work while I have the chance as off work and trying to translate old Irish into English via an app.
Everything that can be painted outside has got a fresh coat by Ollie.
We are so lucky to have beautiful surroundings within our two kilometres travel zone. We chat with our adorable granddaughter every day by phone, she thinks life is so wonderful at twenty two months.
Nothing special just using our time wisely.
I’m actually enjoying being off work and not rushing and racing. I’ve been working since nineteen seventy eight so the break is welcome. Also a break from dropping and picking up teenagers.
All good, finally have time to breathe.
Ce qui n’a pas de sens ne dure pas…et si nous arrive , nous le comprendons plus tard.
Dieu a toujours choisi ce qu’ il y a de mieux pour nous faisons lui confiance!!
Sans nul doute quelque chose est à comprendre au niveau de la planete entiere!!
A ce moment he prêfere croire sans savoir que de savoir sans croire…car au fond l’homme ne connait pas le mystere de la vie!! Il croit savoir mais ne sait oas. Il croit etre, il croit avoir, il croot posseder, restant ignorant de l’invisible et de l’ impalpable qu’est ka vie….il nous fait sans doute des epreuves resultant de nos actes pour nous faire encore avancer vers une certaine humilité, vers une gratutude, et un respect envers la vie
Makes you enjoy the simple life.
Missing my grandchildren, this breaks my heart,
We are together but still far apart,
Mother nature fills my heart with love,
Digging my garden, the Buzzards above,
The birds sing, bees hum,
I’m biding my time ’til this virus is done.
I feel happy because my parents are home and I have a break from school
I am sad I can’t see my friends but I get to play a lot which is great
More time with family and less on the road is welcome, we are safe and well and appreciative of this knowing this is sadly not the case for others
Time for calm and time for play time to just enjoy the day no more driving to and fro there’s finally some time to grow together we are learning how to bake,
to sow seeds outdoors and use the rake
I appreciate this time with family
and nurture it like a newly planted tree.
When at work it’s the worry
For patient’s and their families
At home I really enjoying the time with my family
Long walks, appreciation for the beautiful country side
While fearing the worst every morning and all the victims who have succumbed to this terrible disease.
Lighting my candles for the health and wellbeing of family and friends, and the world. There stands two candles on the mantlepiece waiting to be lit in the light of hope each day.
I look to the positive, that Mother Nature has time to breathe and heal again, safe from the drones and swarms of humans polluting her beautiful earth.
That humanity is forced to realise that it doesn’t matter who we are, what we are, what we have….we are all one, without the layers of material needs and things acquired that separates us from the knowledge that all we really are is

List of contributors
Me (David O Sullivan )
Anne Devine
Eileen Hallissey
Antje O’ Hanlon
Yvonne O’ Sullivan
Siobhan Carroll
Eddie O’ Sullivan
Carmel McCarthy
Angie McDonagh
Amanda Tebbs
Teresa O’ Malley
Jean Mangan
Alyssa Ferguson
Daithí Ferguson
Aisling Ferguson
Teresa Boatwright
Anthony Murray
Béibhinn Hurley
Susie Sue
Mags Buckley
Ray Phoenix
Lisa Conroy
Marie O’ Meara
Kevin Wilkinson
Mag Mason
Barbara O’ Connell
Margaret Coffey
Noreen O’ Shea
Anne Halpin
Peter John O’ Connor
An McJeck
John Pratt
Gavin Hallahan
Cathy McGrath
Tom Power
Michèle Vassal Ring
Emmett Stewart
Mary Manton
Aine McCarthy Kent
Caroline Twomey
Noirin N. Lennox
Elaine Mulcaire
Eddie Barret
Teresa O’ Malley
Geraldine Mulcahy
Bridget McGrath
Shaz Fleming
Anna Sheehan
Vincent Moloney
Anna Jordan
Ber O’ Farrell
Bernie Walsh
Veronique Duhem
Jason O’ Sullivan
Alice Fitzgerald.
Juno mooney
Melody Mae Mooney
Steve Mooney
Davina Hickey Mooney
Regina Wilkinson
Eibhlin ni Dubhlainn

I want to thank all the above who are a living part of our history, for taking the time and effort to send me their thoughts through these last couple of days…we haven’t seen such a major and tragic plight in living history and all hope we will get over this soon…hopefully we, as humans will become more grounded and learn to show the respect, care and love for one another during and when covid 19 leaves our lives.
We as humans are not invincible but will live as long as we must.
Hope you enjoyed this little snapshot and that it provides food for thought for today, tomorrow and into the future.
Please share with friends and family and be proud of your contribution.

Dave O’ Sullivan 2020

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