Coronavirus Poem by Jackie Harrison

My 10th (Final)Coronavirus Poem

‘The Cuddlies’, my baby loves it
Jumping madly when he sees it
Warm enough, in just a nappy
Look at him, so very happy

All he knows and loves, right here
His 2020, the perfect year

I pull him down, to the floor
Growling now, woof woof, roar!
Mammy’s wild dog! Nuzzle belly
Baby giggles, forgets the telly

Kids join in, bark and bite
Chase is on, sheer delight!
Tearing through, double doors
Gnashing wildly, on all fours

This goes on, quite a while
Need a break, sit down, smile

You know when I was young
I loved to lie in window sun
In the porch, Dad would find me
Purring idly, hot and happy

You’re a dreamer, I think he smiled
I remember that, as a child
A sadness passes over me
I want to cry, turn the key
I don’t, I wont

Off the floor, who’s for Ice-cream?
Me, Mammy!!!, children scream
Cornetto’s each, pass around
Go outside, sit on the ground

Anticipation, off with lids
Counting nuts, clever kids
Must I accept the dud?
OK, fine!! I know I should!

Licking ice-cream, painted noses
Very messy, baby knows it!
The best part is the end though
A chunky chocolate, crescendo!

Soon it’s time, for little naps
Clean him up, on my lap
Free to go, walk about
By myself, kids without

Stop for chats, along the way
Sun is shining everyday
My secret spot, on the green
Here I mainly go unseen

I may text or make a call
But mostly, do nothing at all
Those who know me, will agree
This is quite strange for me

Like this virus, I’ve slowed down
The air is still, I hear bird song
My toes, dancing with the grass
Daydreaming, like in the past

2020, a year in our lives
Saved forever in future archives

A time we pulled together
In the most beautiful weather
A time we felt very lonely
Like we were, the one and only
A time we made long calls
Nothing to say, no news at all
Our neighbours became friends
And our hair had split ends

When we lost track of the days
And banana bread was a craze
When parents became teachers
And eejits became preachers

And we enjoyed simple things
Marching ants, butterfly wings

It’s time for me to go
Most days are high, some are low
These poems have really helped
We’re all different, be yourself

I’m not sure if I’ll write another
I wish you all a lovely Summer

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