Corona Virus. A poem by Irene Rooney

Now that we are cocooned inside
We hold on to life with all our might
Days were never like this before
We long for people again to restore

Whoever heard of Corona before
It has changed our lives to the core
Not only Ireland has it destroyed
But all over the world life is void

But it is with the sick we are concerned
They suffer so much we all heard
They lie in bed hoping for a cure
We hope with our hearts they will secure

Then the grief comes with Ireland’s dead
Mostly old people so they said
No funeral no parties no pattern of life
Nothing to resemble old fashioned strife

Now we think of our own lives again
To open our minds to lose the pain
Cocoonery has not taken away our peace
We look forward to life’s increase.


Irene Rooney is a writer cocooning in South Dublin. She has been married to Dermot for over fifty years and is the proud mother of three sons and seven grandchildren. Her book Lavender Terrace was published in 2012.

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  1. Thank you for publishing my poem

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