Corona Shop 6.04.20. A poem by Eve Redmond

I hear the birds again
It’s dark outside
I am awake as always before my alarm
5.20am Corona shop
Driving I spot the sun and pull over to take a bad photo
I have never seen the sun so huge, it’s like a massive mustard saucer
I continue my journey
No coin for the trolley
I am ill-prepared
I am over-dressed

I grab a basket and start my shop
I rush to get the basics, bread, milk fruit & veg
Essentials teabags, wine, and chocolate for the pesky teenager
I leave, mission accomplished, home by 6.50am
I step out of my clothes and take a shower
Put away the shopping and make myself a cup of tea
Thinking of the sun again I contemplate my old life
I am positive change is about to happen
Goodness will prevail
A new dawn is approaching


Eve Redmond is a jeweller & lecturer based in Manchester. Follow even on Instragram.

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