Corona at Eastertime. A poem by Sister Margaret A. McGrath

The crown of thorns is back in the cupboard
for another year. It may need restored

nail here, thorn there, bloodied like the moon’s red
halo. All the while they thought He was dead.

The sun rose, and the Son rose from the rock
we sat in isolation taking stock

of vacant churches, empty shops, and tombs
keeping socially distanced in an upper room

afraid of death, but more afraid of life
and wondering all the while, was He right?


Margaret McGrath is a Franciscan Sister from Clydebank whose love of words and music has taken her all over the world – at least in her head. She is part of a pastoral ministry team in the East End of Glasgow. Published in all four of the “Glasgow Series of books” – Seahorse Publications.

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  1. It’s good to be reminded of the Easter story.

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