Corona. A poem by Peter O’Neill

Corona – a word once synonymous
With the afterglow of a cigar illuminated
Micro-volcanically in the subterranean
Evenings after crepuscule, all aglow
With smiles, and even chatter! Do you remember?
Yet now it is more immediately associated
With ravenous abstract halos, invisible
To the human eye, bearing the
Contemporary plague upon the winds;
The virus! Such is the phenomenology
Of the everyday, inserting a surreal element
To each passing event, so at every moment
Eros and Thanatos are borne upon the winds,
Caught up in the afterglow, all consuming.


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  1. Love the imagery. Improved my vocabulary. Crepuscule – nice one.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Deirdre, the French use it more commonly, it’s a great word; crépuscule. Crepuscular – dusk is good too, but the other variant has Gothic connotations more appropriate for a poem such as this.

  2. I have respect for you Peter as being my teacher but also I have greater respect for your works as being a literature expert and artist.

    1. Many thanks Sarper, very kind of you to say. You are a great student.

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