Conversations with my garden. A poem by Sandrine Berges

Talking to plants and also seedlings,
Even if only a few words
Of encouragement and appreciation,
Is a good thing
If you want them to know
That you care how they’re growing,
That you love them as much as you do
The cats who pee on them –
Because that will impress on the neighbours
That this is their garden
And that the white and ginger tom,
Who crouches under the stairs,
Is not welcome here.
It is good also if you need to forget
That you no longer speak
To people outside,
That a chance encounter with a bird
Or tortoise is a fine thing
As far as that goes
But not really the same as
Exchanging greetings with a friend
Passing in the street,
Or compliments with a pot of Coriander.


I am an associate professor in philosophy at Bilkent University in Ankara. Here is my website.

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