Coffee in a time of COVID. A poem by Nicola Spendlove

I have walked three miles in the rain
Puddle water warming between my toes
And everyone I pass is a suspect
A wink murderer, I keep my head down

A light is on in a coffee shop
Do I dare and if I do is it selfish
My legs carry me in before
My brain has a chance to talk statistics

I stand many metres away from the desk
Hold up twice sanitised hands like a surrender
Scarf over mouth in the universal signal of
Germs being kept safely inside

The girl smiles and talks to me about coffee blends
Asks do I like strong flavours or fruity aftertastes
In truth I don’t remember what my body craved
Before its focus became survival

She mixes me an elixir that tastes like 2019
And the sun comes out on the walk home
My jeans stop strangling my thighs
I resolve that I will hug her when they find a vaccine


Nicola Spendlove is a Tramore based playwright, enamoured with words in all their forms.

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