Chicken Sandwich. A poem by David O Sullivan

what a beautiful cloud.
What a simple way
to bring sustenance
and water to
our grass and crops.

Just hanging there
in the rare blue sky
over a green field so full of cows,
over sap scented forestry,
over resplendent flowers,
white and red daisies,
yellow dandelions.

Jeez there’s two clouds now
no three, they’re multiplying
Covering my world.

What harm we’ve seen them before
survived their floods…..

The pain is brutal.
I don’t really care
if I’m getting a heart attack,
I’m eating this chicken sandwich.
The chicken that gave its life
for my delectation
deserves to be consumed by a human.
fly overhead, with jerking heads
left and right looking for a bite
of my sandwich.
Why what?
Human satisfaction or seagulls.

No pain now, was probably just hunger

The clouds have now multiplied big time
creating a black shadow
over the earth,
contagion like,
complacent humans
scorch on sunbeds.

Jeez that sandwich was gorgeous
really filled the spot,
thanks chicken
“Oh, you didn’t know”.

Music blares in the headphones
in the world
of the must stay fit jogger.
Had a chicken sandwich last week,
boiled, no mayonnaise,
rhubarb tart too.
Rhubarb, rhubarb, sounds like nothing.

Lockdown, shutdown, closedown,
everything down, bare essentials

An understatement, look at our world,
pollution, greenhouse gas, extinction.
Is the world taking back its oxygen?
Global warming
fever, gasping for breath, dying.
Different when it’s on the other foot

Payback time
All those chicken sandwiches
Is our world finally retaliating
had enough?
Time now for a feed of humans.
Stupid thinking, eating us humans
starving us from our life giving oxygen.
Making us suffer unnecessarily.
Nothing unnecessary about life,
any life
or just batty.

Lettuce sandwich anyone.


David O’ Sullivan was born in England in the early nineteen sixties and has always had an interest in poetry and writing. He now lives in Co. Waterford, Ireland and is a truck driver by profession. He was accepted on and has recently completed a one year intensive creative writing incubation, facilitated by Lani O’ Hanlon, in conjunction with Waterford City and County Council Arts Office and Margaret Organ, Waterford Arts Officer. He has self-published two poetry books over the last few years and has featured in a local anthology,collection of poems from Co Waterford, Deise Voices, published by The Red House Poets and happily continues to write on a daily basis.

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