Cheltenham, Glendalough and Chips and Covid Sonnet #1. Two poems by Mick Blake

Cheltenham, Glendalough and Chips   

Lads, we can’t miss Cheltenham,
It’s just a little flu,
We’ve gone there every March for years,
And no-one tells us what to do.

We’ll drink and dance and laugh and sing,
And even place a bet or two,
Maybe we’ll lose everything,
But no-one tells us what to do.

Off we go to Glendalough,
Let’s bring the kids, and grandpa too,
I hear that’s where the cool folk flock,
No-one tells them what to do.

We can’t stay in, it’s nice and sunny,
That chippers great – let’s join the queue,
Two metres? What’s that in old money?
No-one tells me what to do.

A week goes by, a burning chest,
Grandma says she’s got it too,
We’re waiting for that virus test,
No-one can tell us what to do.

It makes no odds, the horse has bolted,
Should’ve listened to the tips,
Was it really worth the gamble
For Cheltenham, Glendalough or chips?

Covid Sonnet #1

(Wherein the spouse of a tax exile experiences a fleeting pang of guilt)

Darling, should we pack our bags, self-isolate at home?
We could take our Learjet to Balldonnell Aerodrome.
I realize if we stay there for more than half the year,
They might ask us to pay some tax, and it could cost, I fear.

Dearest, you’ve not heard the news, it’s really rather splendid,
The government have said that six month clause has been extended.
If we’re trapped inside our Mansion, even for a year or two,
We still won’t have to pay a single cent to Revenue.

But darling, don’t you think it’s just a little bit unfair
That doctors, nurses, medics are all taxed and pay their share?
Whilst we contribute nothing but have billions stashed away,
Yet we need them to treat us if the virus comes our way?

Dear, we give to charity, that always fools the sheeple,
You’ve heard me say a thousand times – tax is for little people.


Mick Blake is a singer/songwriter/poet based in County Leitrim. His work has a strong message, covering topics such as social injustice, inequality and war. His song “Oblivious” was covered by Christy Moore, and appears on Moore’s album, “Lily”. More at

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