Call from Granny, a poem by Irene Watson

piano notes poise
we careen with eager breath
profuse indeed to humble
lift the clutched tincture
the illumine of her inflection
crystals a refraction
as aged warmth embraces
“What are you baking today?” she asks of us
a lingering sentiment clasps
of glazed marine oil
of cello bow hold
“Well, you just have to keep going,”
and as the wash brushes over
a parting of ways of some distance
still hears the voice of the lost playing on
as it swings of moderation, of resilience
of a community of gin-infused
card-dealing blether
Bio & Link
Irene Watson is an artist, poet, teacher, mother and is socially isolating at home with her two daughters and many pets. Some days are harder than others. You can see her artwork at

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