Breathe it in. A poem by Kathryn Crowley

Breathe it in

Away from the traffic’s endless rumble

I walk up a country road

Flanked on each side by breathing ditches

Sticky bud trees

Quiet teachers of time.

Invisible birds sing out of somewhere

I slow my pace on this road

Relishing sounds; boots in the mud

Squelching footsteps

Gravel and moss.

Candyfloss clouds, sunshine, rain shadows

Flowers at the side of the road

A honeybee moves from pale yellow petals

Tasting the nectar

Of nature’s life force.

Picking nettles I stop to ponder

How medicine grows in these fields

A ladybird pauses; blades of grass quiver

As all living things

Call out to Spring.


Kathryn Crowley is a yoga teacher who has been creative since childhood. She has replaced paintbrush with pen in recent years. Her first book will be published in 2020.

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