Misleading Covid-19. A Poem by David Fallon

Breaking News

A doctor who has caught “corona”
recovered in twice the time
I heard through word of mouth
He placed his head in a bowl with steam
Not realising it raises your temperature
Instagram followers posted videos of the Chinese bringing down 5g
Croatian earthquake survivors were mistakenly claimed to be patients in Italy
An interview in Russia with more than 4 million views claims baking soda cures Covid-19 but Vodka is not strong enough or that listerine is 65% alcohol it is less then that and already we see posts retweeted, YouTube videos shared, bad advice among journalistic sources, social media posts gone viral.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all done it. A post, even coronavirus could be true and sounds about right,

But does that make it accurate?
Think twice…


David Fallon is an Honours Bachelors of Arts student at Waterford Institute of Technology. Writing poetry since the age of 15, he has been previously published in an Anthology Remembering Palestinian Victims of Occupation.

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