Billionaire Inauguration. A poem by Louis Quinlan

n retreat and calling on God,
To unleash Biblical Revelations,
Talk of Doves, Hawks, Strongmen, Foreigners and strangers,
Judas betrayal meaningless perdictions absent of Rhyme nor reason,
With a Fagen like swagger he boasts of picking a pocket or two,
like Gollum he seeks the ring to be king,
Speaking in riddles without substance or scientific meaning,
Another to call to God, like a fading Ceaser a thank you, a thumbs up to a blood thirsty Coliseum,
Forever casting a dark shadow on the emancipated the marglinalized,
All victims of a bankfranchised a nation at war with itself,
A shooting party gathered in protest at government buildings,
locked and loaded with poise and grace of synchronized swimmers,
treadng deep water…

Defender of the faith locker room talkerspastic mocker nonsense talker,
Calling out traitors evoking false patriotism on fantastic rumors fake news of his own making,
Echo like the propaganda of yesterday, toxic twitters and tweets terrify a nation,
Struggling in the safety of his own Hysteria,
Going into lockdown on the verge of total isolation,
Diving for golf balls building a wall to hold back to the tide,
In denial of climate change and toxic pollution,
Ramping up industrial output like some steampunk revolution,
Draining the swamp while offering no solution

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