Beach Treasures in Maine by Shawna Galvin

The last real walk I took began on a gray windy early afternoon

at Kettle Cove

covered in white caps

pinecone and driftwood


talk of what is and what was

to come

bonding and nature

all in one

Walking further along the full-length

of Crescent Beach

sun broke through

the clouds

becoming almost hot

shedding our jackets

tying them around our waists


for rocks and shells

discussing mysterious sea plants

talking about

the beginning of social distancing

We knew what was coming

it was on the horizon

and that was the last walk

of not being quarantined

Since then

walks are limited

away from people

usually at night

around the block

sometimes around town

I treasure that last walk along the sea Shawna Galvin lives in Maine. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Southern Maine. Her work includes a novel, The Ghost in You. Her short stories, poetry, and articles have appeared in publications by: Poetic License, Local Gems , Macabre Maine anthologies, Words & Images Literary Journal, Free Press, Virtual Writer, Postcard Shorts, Voice of the Bards, Pill Hill Press, Static Movement, and Llewellyn Worldwide.

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