Awake to Zzz in reality. An essay by Nicolette C.

Awake alive and ready to go. Go where? Well I do have a few options. Go to the bathroom where my friend shower lives. Go to the kitchen where my friends fridge and cupboards live. I can go to my living room where my friends couch and television live. I can go to my garden where my friends trees, plants and chair live. Then I also have the option of the 2Km walk or perhaps another trip to the shops to stand in line and get offered a coffee. Oh so many options and how do I choose?
First I will visit bathroom and have a shower that will help me feel better and even more awake. I will make sure to wash my hands as well as my body I must make sure to stay clean and fresh. I put on my clothes and my earrings and lipstick no need to let myself go just yet. Then down to kitchen I visit my friend fridge to see what he has to offer today. Something healthy of course as I do not want to come out of this heavier than I entered. Remember to do the 2Km walk later to help burn off the calories. Note to self – keep walking. Fridge is very generous today, he’s offering yogurt, milk, and fruit. Let’s see what cupboard has to offer. Well now cupboard is also generous, with cereal, bread, eggs and protein powder. Forgot about that protein powder. That’s a reminder of another life. A life of smoothies before the gym to help with my exercise. Did I really ever do that? I have a vague memory. Lots of options this morning. Thank you friends for your loyalty. I chose yogurt, fruit and eggs with my coffee which cupboard also offered.
Now what to do for the rest of the day. A walk for sure in the beautiful park. Where have all these people come from? It is a glorious spring day but we are supposed to be isolating. Some are sitting on the grass, some are playing football, some are even having a picnic. Is that allowed? Am I goody two shoes obeying the rules or are these people only fools? Not for me to judge I’ll do what I must my 2Km walk to stop the bulge. Home again I join my friends in the garden for some quiet time. The trees, the plants and the chair where I sit have now been joined with bees and birds. The birds are singing so melodically as the bees buzz away in the lavender delight. I feel a feeling I’m feeling a lot, is it boredom or my tummy rumbling? Yes it’s my tummy it must be time for lunch. I visit my friends in the kitchen again who are delighted to see me and welcome me with open doors. This time fridge offers salad, vegetables, cheese and cold meat, oh my what a treat. Now my friend cupboard offers crackers, oil, vinegar and garlic. A dressing is made to add to the salad, lunch in the garden with my other friends then finished with a coffee and a home made flapjack. Oh yes I forgot to mention my friend cooker who lives in the kitchen. She has helped me create some delectable delights that encourage me to spend more time with her than I have in the past. She glows radiantly every time I turn the switch and never disappoints with the creations that come out.
Time now for some quiet reflection in the garden with friends tree, plants, birds and bees. Reading my book, listening to the world outside. Children playing, cars driving past, music and talking and life going on. The sun on my face there is not a breeze. Life feels good with a full belly and a warm body. After a while it gets cooler so I go inside. This time I visit bedroom where my friend bed lies. I think maybe I can allow myself a rest, a siesta they call in those far away places where I have visited in another life. I lie myself down and bed welcomes me and envelopes me in her blankets of warmth. I fall asleep in peace, warmth and the feeling of comfort. I have dreams of beaches and far away places where I usually spend my Easter time. Another world another time another life. I awake refreshed with a feeling again. The familiar feeling of my tummy rumbling. Is it time for dinner? If my tummy is right which it does seem to be I will visit kitchen and friends again. This time fridge offers some fish, vegetables and wine. Cupboard offers potatoes and oil. My friend cooker glows with delight as I switch her on for another night. I’ve forgotten to mention that I live with my children who are at work during the day so we eat dinner together and talk and reflect on life as it was before all this. After dinner it’s time to retreat to living room where friends couch and television are waiting patiently. We sit, we switch on and we watch Netflix, the end of the day is nearly here as we all sit together for another day well spent, fed, watered and connected as one. I go to bed before them as I am older and tired after my eventful day. I retreat to my bedroom, get undressed and lie down and in the blink of an eye I am asleep, dreaming of another life. The end of a day, I survived, I am alive, this too shall pass and I will be alright with my friends, bed, fridge, cupboard, cooker, tree, plants, chair, television, couch and I forgot to mention my book who is my loyal companion throughout all this. Another day ended for a new one to begin, good night Zzz.

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