Another Life, a poem by Irene Coleman

As I lay upon my bed, I see the sky is a sunny blue,
Nothing to be done about this, just let time pass by,
I allow my mind, be like the clouds, drift on again,
To places more beautiful, and then I wonder why.
This time is now kinder to me, more exciting for you,
Full of dreams ahead, my nightmares are in the past,
Time flies by, ignoring all our mixed feelings,
Now we need to hold on tight, not live life so very fast.
Seeing you today, my son, in surely the oddest way,
You out there in the garden, me inside in my room,
Talking to you through the window is so weird, surreal,
How long will this last, then turn away from the gloom.
The Pandemic races over the globe, I’m reclining again,
So many complaints about the changes, in the quiet I ask?
How we two ever managed, my scary trips to death’s door,
Prayer is my Everything, for all, I trust this too shall pass.
Irene Coleman.

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  1. Strong, powerfull and honest. Keeping looking forward.

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