Aimee and Areema. Creative non-fiction by Jane Morrice

Two nurses and mothers died last week
While they were out saving lives
Just two of many caring souls
Brothers, sisters, husbands, wives
Their names will be remembered
Alongside many, many more
Who have stood up to Corona
Like soldiers in a war
We salute them for their courage
Their kindness and their care
We know that they have died for us
And we must be aware
The love they gave is written
In the single meaning of their name
From distant corners of the world
The understanding is the same
Aimee and Areema are together now
They will never be apart
Their names mean love which binds them
Forever in our heart

……… the name Aimee is French for beloved
……….the name Areema is Urdu for love

Areema Nasreen – 36 mother of three – from West Midlands
Aimee O’Rourke – 39 mother of three – from Kent

Died April 2/3, 2020


Former journalist, politician – Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition

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