After Easter. Covid19. France. A poem by Deborah Edwards

Oh God!
Just might as well
break down and cry
for if only
I could remember
God died for our sins
Seeing that dog
with the swinging tits
lead us to her pups
brought the line from
the famous poet to mind
‘The falcon cannot hear the falconer’

And the dog has been
placed under arrest
staring stock still
flowers fall apart
as we yearn to be lifted
on the scattered blossom
imagining each petal
rose up
for the sake of love

But I’m weighted down
by the women sobbing in silence
and the children, her children
who make her smiles
out of unfairness and dust
are the innovators of tomorrow

And that man
who walks round and round
like an unchained bear
roots in the bomb resistant bin
for a scrap of life
and the famous line comes to mind
‘oh my god why have you forsaken me’
whilst I walk on
I have nothing
but hope
that emotional testimony
will raise funds for earth
and these sullied politics
of pandemics be measured
in rightness

Oh god!
Might just as well
breakdown and cry
Not for me or even you
But for all the agonies
batched out in numbers
Get up! from your own shadow
look at that dog with her swinging tits
For if only I could remember
all those we forget

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