After. A poem by Libby Taylor

When we return to normality
I would like to think that;
We shall hug our family a little tighter
Stay with our friends a little longer
And when we see strangers in the street
I hope we can be that little bit kinder.

I hope we can all take away from this time
To not take the little things for granted;
Breathe in the crisp air on the hilltops
Savour that bagel from your local bakery
Go explore the nature on your doorstep.

I hope we all simply enjoy life that little bit more.


Libby Taylor is a 19 year old university student from the north of England. She is a Non-Fiction Editor for The Lincoln Review, and also works as a Journalist for her university’s newspaper. Her poetry has also been published in Vaughan Street Doubles, Yellow Paint Magazine, and Eris & Eros Review. You can find more of her work on her Instagram,

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