A World of Good. A poem by Aoibhin Swift

My Dear Child,

I wish for thee a world of good
Of elephants and mice
Being friendly to each other
Trying always to be nice

A world where helping others
Is the order of the day,
Where we know there’s magic in our words
And think before we say

Where the balance in our lives
Outweighs the balance in the bank;
And for each and every day
We remember to give thanks

A world where kind and caring deeds
Are deemed the ultimate success,
And power, fame and riches
Are celebrated less

A world where in each other’s eyes
We see we are the same;
A soul upon its journey
No need for jealousy or blame

I wish for thee a world of good
Where grown-ups could remember
That human beings are not defined
By colour, race or gender

But instead by what we do,
Our actions are enough
To show this world what’s inside you;

A universe of love


Aoibhin Swift is a woman in her 30’s. A mother, sister, wife and physiotherapist

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