A poem to my beautiful friend Sarah by Celine Hawthorne

Her bulbs are planted in a garden of rich moist soil.

Unaware of the rocks to be placed on top.

Oblivious to the difficult journey needed to battle through rock

Intent on smothering new growth planted with hope and loving toil.


Being valiant and optimistic she continuously hacked at the rock.

In time she saw it as being tiny pebble stone.

Allowing her to break through the rocks with strength unbeknown.

Waiting, confidently to welcome lively colour and new life, the product of her loving work.


Full of hope and looking ahead to next seasons flowers blossoming.

Having endured bravely life’s struggles and strife.

With new found strength, shining bright, looking forward to the joys of life.

A beautiful friend. Forever nurturing, loving, kind, positive, and always welcoming.

Of which I am privileged to be part of.

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