A Poem for Lost Loved Ones of Our Time. By Niamh Deans

Collective pain sears through us. Lives turned upside down. An empty and huge vacuum of grief left in its wake, no treasured time to let go. A thief who robs the precious breath but also all around it.This thief inexorably yields sacred human connection in death and burial. No touch, no tender caress, a masked distance of an ocean of love unable to wash its tender loving spray down.

We are oceans of love. Waves that cannot land and pour over those we Iove when just they need us most. A washed up love. Yet somehow, love will sing through. How will we celebrate you?

Love abounds such cruelty. Love marches on in our reservoir hearts always and forever. Pain scorches right through and lives alongside love, both will be housed here and carried forever.

The prayerful tonic of humanity cannot come to the door yet a shared love incandescent sees your loved ones return home. We see you. We hear you. We feel your pain. We feel for you.

I am a Yoga teacher based in Dublin and the current situation has sparked in me an urge to put pen to paper as a means of processing. I wrote this poem after hearing the stories of those who have lost a loved one. I am on Instagram @ndyogadays and FB as ND Yoga and I pop up my thoughts and inspirations there.

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