A Chance and Wall. Two poems by Ms Alison Black

A Chance

Take a chance one me,
Open your heart,
You can cry on my shoulder,
You can reply on me.

Your getting to know me,
Take a dance with me,
Into the unknown world of love,
Your heart is glowing.

Don’t cry but laugh instead,
Heavenly love shines,
Through from your love.


Writing on the wall,
Tell you where I am,
Standing in the street,
One arm bandit.

Wheels keep turning,
Am not a stranger in your life,
Burning like fire,
Money for love.

Your looking good,
Check out of the hotel,
On the road to love.

Remember the memories,
The burning desire to see your eyes glowing,
Got a tunnel of love for you.


I am a writer from Belfast, I am doing a few creative writing classes. I have been writing for over 10 years, people like my poems, which cheer people up. Alison.

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