50 Shades Of Grey and Staying At Home. Two poems by Marian Clarke

50 Shades Of Grey

I’m trying to stay ginger
But now my hair is turning
To 50 shades of grey
And no sign of Jamie Dornan
I’m all out of L’Oreal spray
To hide those awful roots
Here in self isolation
So I can’t go down to Boots
I want to jump the wall
Into my next door neighbor
She always does my hair
For years she’s been my saviour
But now I’m doing my own
For rollers I did rummage
Not looking like myself
I’m more like Worzel Gummage
I’m staying in to wash my hair
Like I did years ago
Trying to embrace my look
As more roots begin to show
Perhaps the grey will suit me
Soon I’ll know for sure
But deep inside
I will remain
A ginger to the core

Staying At Home

Family members driving by
Bringing grandkids to say Hi
How I long to hug each one
Sad to say it can’t be done
Video calls on Messenger
Could this Nana ask for more
Filters make it much more fun
Technology and me are now as one
Sure I miss my family
But this is how it’s got to be
Miss my friends and partner too
Call and tell them I love you
Things that were important before
They don’t matter any more
Staying in staying safe
Safeguarding the human race
Frontline staff can’t do it alone
Please help them by staying home
All hospital workers take a bow
We’re in your debt forever now



Marian Clarke AKA Nana Mario. Member and treasurer of Drogheda Creative Writers Poems published in The Book Of The Trail an anthology from Fleadh Ceol 2018 Writing poetry for about 10 years now.

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