24 March 2020. A journal entry by Monica Louzon


* MD highway boards telling everyone to STAY HOME.
* CDC ads on HBO telling everyone to DO YOUR PART AND STAY HOME.
* The old man behind me at the liquor story yesterday seeing my look when he kept drawing closer and said, “I fought in World War II and I survived. This thing is nothing. Everyone’s just gonna get drunk.”
* Getting a twinge of anxiety when I see large crowds in TV shows (like the big dance in ‘√Člite’).
* No ‘Last Week Tonight’ this weekend, and the last one, the one last week, John Oliver filmed without a background or studio audience because the HBO studios where they film may have been contaminated & NYC is on lockdown.
* No new ‘SNL’ the past two weekends because NY is on lockdown.
* Seeing the people I love in person and not knowing when I’ll see them next. If ever again (but I’m not so doom and gloom).
* Google Hangouts every few days to stay sane.
* Not knowing if I’ll go back to work in a month or sooner or later.
* Pictures of crowded metro & underground trains make me want to cry.
* Videos of hospitals in Spain & Italy have me scared. Next week in the US is gonna be fucking rough.
* VA closed schools for the rest of the school year.
* My brother’s university cancelled their graduation ceremonies.


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  1. I keep having dreams where it’s normal and random…and then I remember there’s a pandemic and I shouldn’t be touching things and maybe I’ll get it because I forgot?!?! Not even safe in my dreams anymore.

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