19. A poem by Joe Healy

How do you fall in love at 19,
When we have a lockdown.You’re just out of school.
How are you going to meet
up with your chosen one.

Is there an agony aunt on instagram
for solutions to a pandemic?

Boredom, no parties.
Parents are all around.
No help, only advice.

Your brother and sister
Are just that.

Everybody waits for nineteen to go.
It came so fast.

Maybe it will all be over soon,
like childhood, adolescence.

Joe Healy

Joe Healy is a member of Seanchai Listowel Writers Group in Co Kerry. He lives in County Limerick and had a poetry collection Soft as Rainbow published by Limerick Writers Centre in 2013. Numerous poems published in Crannog, Mystic Nebula, The Clare Champion and others.


  1. Beautiful piece – So much love.

  2. I Love it Joe.

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