In and Out. A short story by Mary DArcy

In & out, in & out, this is what my life has come to.
Into the house and out to the garden, no further, unless you count the 2 km walk, I am allowed each day, good for my sanity, they say, and the dogs don’t complain…
I have my morning route and my evening route – two different routes as I need some variation in my day.
On my morning route we go down Miller’s Lane and across the football pitch, now sadly devoid of games, past the national school, now empty, through Aviva and RSA with near empty car parks – the dogs love it, plenty of room to run around as there are not many people about. I say good morning to the few that are, whilst keeping my social distance.
The dogs are a bit of diversion and bring a smile to the staff who are on a cigarette break.
I’ve got to know their faces and they mine.
On my evening route we take a quick walk to the prom. Yes, it is within the 2 km and the sea at the end lightens my heart and mind.
The dogs go into the sea for a swim and out to chase the ball on the sand, we get lost in the fun, that is if there are not too many people about – but if there is, we will still have glimpsed the sea.
I wonder what life will be like after this!!!!

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