Announcement: Pendemic to be preserved by Irish Poetry Reading Archive at UCD Library

We are delighted to share some really great news about this rich collection of writing documenting the COVID_19 pandemic.

All writing submitted to the site since March 2020 will be preserved by Irish Poetry Reading Archive at UCD Library.

It had always been our intention to assemble these written testimonies for us all to look back on when we’re back to “normal”. We were thinking sort of short term in terms of keeping the collection online for the next few years but the Irish Poetry Reading Archive at UCD Library has stepped in and offered to archive this social history for the next 50-100 years. This means your work will be preserved in this archive which is located in UCD Special Collections, and may be made available digitally by UCD in the future. What this really means is that you can visit the collection and it will be available for future generations of your family and friends to visit. For contributors outside Ireland, the Irish Poetry Reading Archive at UCD Library could be an exciting pitstop when you visit Ireland.

A big shout out of thanks to Ursula Byrne, Head of Development and Strategic Programmes at UCD Library and colleagues Evelyn Flanagan and Lucy Collins for approaching us and working with us to preserve all your wonderful work. More information about this archive and the benefits of curating and preserving this material for future generations is available here.


  1. Excellent news, well done!

  2. Fantastic Joy, well done all, a great contribution to recording history!

  3. This is wonderful news. An historic record of a strange and disorienting time in the history of our nation and of the world.

    1. Wonderful news. Delighted to have been able to share my Covid experience. I had no idea it would be preserved in permanent archive. Thank you and well done to everyone.

  4. Wonderful idea . Well done to all !

  5. Fantastic news. Honoured that I and several of my students are included. Well done to everyone who organised and participated.

  6. Wonderful news. Very proud to be involved. Thanks to all involved in setting this up

  7. This is a wonderful thank you.

  8. That’s really terrific news. Such an inspired and inspiring project and thrilled to have a little poem in there. Congratulations.

  9. This is great news, many of my creative writing students have been published for the first time here and are so thrilled.

  10. Congratulations. Happy to be part of this.

  11. How exciting! Proud to be one of the contributors to this amazing project.

  12. Fantastic news! Well done to the initiators of this wonderful platform.

  13. Exciting to think one’s scribbles will be preserved long after the days breathing ends…

    As the Scripture states: ” He being dead, yet speaketh …” {Heb’ 11:4}


  14. Thank you for the opportunity A great tribute to
    Humanity and to honour the struggles the anxieties the survival skills that helped people globally cope thought the Covid -19 . The written word can validate the reality of our Covid – 19 life in 2020

  15. Wonderful news! I feel proud to be a part of this collective project.

  16. Thank you for this. I’m a grateful reader.

  17. Wonderful, humane, literary moment. Honored.

  18. Congrads to all involved. It’s wonderfull to have a record with such creative passionate writings from all who contributed during our Covid Journey and Voyage together .To witness the strength resilliance and how human nature has the ability to cope and survive with the power of the written word , friendships , unconditional positive regard for each other and empathy . It’s a gift to all our families , grandchildren . It’s a live witness on the ability to survive adversities once we embrace the power of the written word and strength of the human spirit and friendships To embrace all our friends we have yet to meet and celebrate their written word with joy and gratitude . Thanks to all Tess Larkin

  19. Fabulous achievement by Pendemic Poetry
    I am delighted my poetry Included in the collection.
    Celine Hawthorne.

  20. Delighted to have my poetry included in this amazing venture.

    New to poetry writing. So proud and honoured.
    Celine Hawthorne.

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