Listen For The Seagull Yawning. A poem by Mark Burrow

When bells sound every morning;
Listen for the seagull yawning.
Spread your wings; take a stretch,
Take a leap out of your nest.

Follow trawlers out at sea;
Compete for your lunchtime treat.
Find somewhere high; take a rest.
A seagull yawning on a ledge.

See their freedom to do as they will?
Better to fly than to stand still.
Prune your feathers; polish your beak,
This is only the start of the week.

Your future lies every morning;
Listen for the seagull yawning.


Mark Burrow is a poet and playwright originally from England and living in southern Spain. His poetry has been published in the UK, Ireland, France, USA, and has been translated into Russian.

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