When by Aoife Nally

When I recall this time of plenty
In the pause
When we had all the time in the world
And could see no end to it
I will pause again
And breathe in deep
This feeling of being suspended above my life
My wheels above the locked tracks
Of routine and obligation
When I was exiled
From my life across the sea
And had to surrender the familiar
To live with family
When I skated through my days
Like a fawn on new ice
When there was snow in May
And I was home for Mother’s day
When we ate like greedy sovereigns
In the big yellow brick house
Huge meals on tiny plates
Cooked by my Mother’s own hand.

Aoife Nally May 14, 2020

Aoife Nally… Visual and performance artist of Irish descent living and working in London, UK. Currently grounded in Canada, safe and sound with family.

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