The World Isn’t Normally Like This, Son!. A Poem by Victoria Wrigley

The world isn’t normally like this son.
Short on laughter, joy, happiness and fun.

That place beyond the garden, which is now out of bounds.
It’s full of adventure, new sights and new sounds.

There’s people to meet……. family you’ve yet to see.
There’s a whole new world beyond your daddy, Ava and me.

The flowers you haven’t picked and the ducks you haven’t fed.
The squirrels you haven’t seen and the leaves we’ve yet to tread.

We haven’t been to the park and pushed your sister on the swings.
It breaks my heart you’ve yet to do all of these wonderful things.

You have yet to go in a pool, on a boat or ride a bus.
We haven’t been on a family trip, just the four of us.

Your little features are changing as the days turn into weeks.
Your eyes, your nose, your hair and wow look at those cheeks.

Your family can only see you on a photo or video call.
They watch you smile and coo but it isn’t the same at all.

I want to show you off to the world and introduce my beautiful boy.
Tell them about the past six weeks and how you’ve brought us so much joy.

I want your grandparents to see you smile and hug you o so tight.
To feed you a bottle, give you a kiss and tuck you in at night.

To watch you play, to hear you laugh and see how you grow.
To show you how much you are loved, as I fear you just don’t know.

I fear you’ll think this is the norm, when that certainly isn’t the case.
There’s so much to do outside, to touch, to smell, to taste.

The doctor’s and the nurses are fighting for all mankind.
Along with so many others…….. so we can leave this life behind.

One day we’ll go out on the streets and walk side by side.
We’ll hug and kiss and celebrate we no longer need to hide.

But for now my boy we’ll remain behind this closed door.
Safe and sound in our home, our little family of four.

We’ll make some memories, laugh and cry and create a house of fun.
We’ll be ok, we’ll get through this – the world isn’t normally like this, son!

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