Restraints. An acrostic poem by Bernie Walsh

R. Restraints won’t keep us down
E. Emerging today from a cocoon of safeness and wellness
S. Stressed not. Comforted not. Worried a lot
T. Trying hard to keep a good face a good faith neighbours and friends join me in this time of great uncertainty
R. Resisting temptation
A. Ability to move forward but standing still. Frozen in like the ice breaker. Stuck
I. Incredible blue skies. Birds fly. Animals escape to the empty roads.
N. Not knowing what the releasing brings
T. Trying to forage for thoughts
S. Stranded in a famine of words to write

Restraints pull me back in.


Bernie Walsh published a book of short stories and poetry called driftwood. She runs the writing group in Gorey.

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