April Fools by Josephine LoRe

out my window, a globe
illuminates a sky of flurry

filling car tracks, deerpath, footfall
smoothing the steps we resolutely took

towards Spring
miraging the ice that lurks beneath

I dreamt this virus is killed by cold
that the people of this land

the first generation and the second
the next to last

left cities, buildings
to start the great migration North

leaving cars
as gas fell from 62 cents

to the depths of undug wells
unplummeted pipelines

leaving portfolios, briefcases
laptops, T-4s

carrying only the stories they would pass
onto their children

a pearl in the night

a pearl in this diamond world Josephine LoRe is an internationally published, prize-winning covid-bound poet whose work can be found in numerous literary journals and anthologies. She has two collections, Unity and The Cowichan Series and features frequently at live and virtual literary events. She has twice been Poet in the Prow and is working on a collection based on her Sicilian heritage. Josephine has an MA in Comparative Literature from l’Université de Rouen and a BA in Modern Languages and Literature from the University of Toronto. https://www.josephinelorepoet.com/

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