An Ending, by Rebecca Bartlett

I cannot see the road before us,
Where we might meet the end.
Still, I need to know that it is there,
This ending.

I cannot see how we will travel,
Find our way through days so grim
And yet, I sense the longing for it
This ending

I cannot see who’s there to greet us
When we can leave our own cocoon,
And read, all the empty places at:
This ending

I cannot see the songs and stories
Staged images created new,
Dreams in abeyance until we know:
This ending

I cannot see and yet I trust that
If we stay a while and steady,
The road will rise up and offer us :
An ending.


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  1. Reflecting a new and odd sentiment so well!

  2. Though the ‘dreams are in abeyance’ there’s a feeling of sleep walking and distress in this poem,then in the last stanza,the need to trust re asserts itself,but does the writer completely believe in the resolution? The ending,looked for and longed for has become an ending – less concrete perhaps ? More accepting of the unknown nature of an ending?

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