Yesterday. A poem by Wayne Power

Yesterday the kids went out to play, now they stay indoors and watch outside as the trees sway
Yesterday we laughed in school and played the fool and now we long for the disgruntled stare of an exasperated teacher and a mountain of homework
Yesterday grandkids could be embraced, squeezed and kissed, yesterday was an opportunity missed,
Yesterday a rally cry was but a whisper in the wind over trivialities and needless worry, yesterday we ran at a canter and lived our lives in a hurry,
Yesterday we picked out wedding dresses and Deb’s gowns, sullied sartorial choices with a frown, before we hit the town,
Yesterday we longed for tomorrow, saw only open roads and a life without sorrow, a 9 to 5 where we’d beg steal and borrow,
Yesterday we planted our dreams to the sun and the moon, whilst a troubadour in a packed bar strummed out another tune
But we look back now and cry because yesterday came too soon


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