When We Can Hug Again. A poem by Karen Waldron

Stay still
Just where you are
I’ll come to you
It’s been so long
Yesterday’s bowl of space
Is now just a spoonful
I was there
You were here
Now I’m here
And there you are
Don’t cry
This is good
Hold out your arms
Hold your breath
See how the gap diminishes with every step
And there, I’m here
Right in front of you
After all the long, long days
I don’t want to get it wrong
Wouldn’t want to tread on your toes
Where do our arms go?
You up, me down?
Brace yourself
For my embrace
Funny how easy we fit
Arms just the right length
Your small enough to my tall enough
The ball of your head
The socket of my neck
Tight and tighter still
Warm breath in my ear
Soft, trembly sigh
The tears come
Let it go
But don’t let go

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